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Our Healthcare Team

"We strive to work with care, compassion, respect, privacy and dignity."


Hold a registration certificate and a valid practising certificate issued by the Nursing Council of Hong Kong

The range of services include: 

  • Nursing assessment and nursing care

  • Blood taking

  • Administer injection

  • Topical application, wound and stoma care

  • Nasogastric tube or gastrostomy feeding 

  • Urinary Catheter Handling

  • Peritoneal Dialysis 

  • Respiratory ventilator management

Recognised by Hospital Authority (HA)

The range of services include: 

  • Measure and documentation of blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, excretion condition and emotional changes

  • First aid 

  • Nasogastric tube or gastrostomy feeding

  • Assist with medication

  • Alzheimer's disease care 

  • Incontinence care

  • Rehabilitation and exercise 

  • Recognised by the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong

The range of services include: 

  • Help with personal hygiene: washing/bathing/pyjamas or diaper changing

  • Basic nursing skills: feeding/toileting/help to roll over in bed

  • Mobility support such as lifting, transfer and wheelchair pushing

  • Escort for medical appointments and leisure activities 

  • Prompt medication

  • Have nursing qualifications in China 

The range of services include: 

  • Provide holistic care and nursing assessment 

  • Topical application and dressing 

  • Nasogastric tube feeding

  • Urinary Catheter Handling

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Stoma Care

The range of services include: 

  • provide care and support for you and your baby during pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period

  • support on the daily care of the baby, including breastfeeding, bathing and making up feeds

The range of services include: 

  • Short term or long term escort 

  • Escort clients for their medical appointments, clinic or hospital visits

  • Take care of the client's needs and ensure their safety during the journey

The range of services include: 

  • Keeping the environment clean and tidy 

  • Making beds and doing laundry 

  • Catering 

The range of services include: 

  • Onsite blood taking service in the comfort of your home or preferred location

  • Help return blood samples to the designated clinic or site as per your instruction 

The range of services include: 

  • Manual Therapy 

  • Acupuncture 

The range of services include: 

  • Provide support for communication, eating, drinking and swallowing

The range of services include: 

  • Supporting clients whose health prevents them from doing the activities that matter to them 

  • Help improve everyday tasks such as washing, dressing and cooking

  • Activities to build fine motor skills 

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